Some links from my research bite:


I was incredily lucky to be awarded an RSC CERG teacher-researcher fellowship, and I’m using this site to blog my notes and thoughts as I go, starting here.

  • My article  in Education in Chemistry about misconceptions in ionic bonding
  • My Nature Reviews article: Mimicry is not Mastery 
  • My post from TES, where I talk about the worksheet I’m using to support metacognition and concpetual understanding.
  • I recorded this video Wellcome, which explains how and why I changed my approach to teaching, based on the student misconceptions I uncovered.
  • The multiple-choice quiz about Structure and Bonding Concepts. Do feel free to complete it!
  • The triangulation worksheet that Oliver Cavlglioli designed for me is here.
  • My worksheet is based on Gregory Thomas’s ‘triangulation’ method.
  • I recorded a “CERG Showcase video” for the RSC Chemical Education Research Group here
  • My recent article from Education in Chemistry: Assessing Students’ understanding
  • Also this one from TES I wrote about Threshold Concepts
  • I absolutely love this article about Threshold Concepts in Chemistry by Vicente Talanquer.
  • And this article by Keith Taber on Johnstone’s triangle is really helpful