The slides from my talk are here, and this is my recent post from TES talking about my research and the worksheet I’m using to support metacognition and concpetual understanding.

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Could you answer my multiple-choice questions?

If you’re a teacher (or even if you’re not! Just as long as you’re over 18), I would love you to fill in my multiple-choice quiz about Structure and Bonding Concepts. It’ll take about 10 minutes at the most. It’s here. If you want to read more about the project I’m doing, you can read about it here.

Talk, worksheet and video links

The triangulation sheet that Oliver Cavlglioli designed for me is here. If you want to watch a talk about Threshold Concepts, misconceptions, Cognitive Science and Johnstone’s triangle in a bit more depth, I recorded a “CERG Showcase video” for the RSC Chemical Education Research Group here

Articles that I talked about

  • My article  in Education in Chemistry about misconceptions in ionic bonding
  • My Nature Reviews article: Mimicry is not Mastery 
  • My recent article from Education in Chemistry: Assessing Students’ understanding
  • Also this one from TES I wrote about Threshold Concepts
  • This is the Education in Chemistry article I shared about goal-free Organic mechanism questions
  • And this was the original article in Education in Chemistry (by Andy Chandler-Grevatt) that sparked my interest in Threshold Concepts.
  • This was the article about Threshold Concepts in Chemistry by Vicente Talanquer that I absolutely love
  • And this article by Keith Taber on Johnstone’s triangle is really helpful

Please get in touch

I have gained so much so far from people commenting, pointing things out, criticising, encouraging, offering advice, getting involved… please get in touch if you’d like to know more, or have any comments about all this.