A collection of links that you might be interested in if you heard my talk at ResearchED (or perhaps even if you didn’t….)

Threshold Concepts

Powerpoint from my talk: bit.ly/rED17NikiKaiser

Article in RSC magazine Education in Chemistry: bit.ly/NKaiserMisconceptionsEiC

Blog posts summarising talk:

Threshold Concepts (…and the space in between – part 1)

Threshold Concepts (…and the space in between- part 2)

Threshold Concepts (….and the space in between- part 3)

Planning sheet: bit.ly/TCPlanningSheet

Concept tracker: bit.ly/SBTCtrackerv1

Reading list (this is a bit “organic” and not up to date… will update soon…) bit.ly/TCReadingList

#CogSciSci (applying Cog Sci to Sci teaching)

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CogSciSci reading links

Summaries for CogSciSci meeting: 

Memory and Retrieval (…an overview)

Cognitive Load Theory- overview and implications for Science teaching

Mastery in Science (…a brief summary)

Reading lists for CogSciSci meeting:

Memory and Retrieval links: https://ndhsblogspot.wordpress.com/memory-and-retrieval-links/

Cognitive Load links: https://ndhsblogspot.wordpress.com/cognitive-load/

Mastery links: https://ndhsblogspot.wordpress.com/mastery/

Other posts:

Mastery Musings 2/6/17

On Cognitive Science, Mastery and… flute playing

Stamp collecting and fuzzy lines (…the path to understanding)

Blog about optimal spacing gaps from Damian Benney